Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liv SXinney is awesome!

I have been taking these incredible products for almost 3 weeks now and I can not believe how great I feel! Liv Sxinney is awesome!

From the first day my energy level was high and there are NO stimulants in these products, just good healthy stuff my body obviously needed!!

After 5 days I was down 2.5 lbs and 11 inches! NO dieting! And I am feeling better and better everyday!
After 2 weeks down 7 lbs and 17.5 inches! 5.5 inches off my waist and I can eat food, "real" food not meal replacements or fasting for 2 days!

After nearly 3 weeks on these products and I no longer crave unhealthy food. I want healthier choices because they sound good and taste much better than the sugary unhealthy food. No longer addicted to sugar, I am sure to lose even more weight wanting healthier food and actually having enough energy to want to exercise!!

And so easy to take I add Liv Sxinney to my daily water, I eat a Crave packet before meals, take 2 CleanzT 's before bed and use the Sxinney Mist to keep me from eating sugary foods (not that I want them anymore).

The Liv Sxinney brings my body to an alkaline state making it easy for my body to release fat and toxins.Liv Sxinney rocks!

You can email me for a FREE sample! I would love to share these products with everyone who wants to feel better and make healthier choices!